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Just finished watching it, it was awesome! it covers not only everything in Kishi's oneshot, it also adds more to it, even getting the rest of the rookie 9 involved. Quick summary is Kakashi disguises himself as an ex-ANBU named Sukea while using shadow clones of himself to throw everyone off.

Full Summary
After their first attempt is ruined by Akamaru, the other Rookies join in on the mission. Hinata tells Kakashi that a woman was drowning and needs help. Kakashi checks on the girl and says she needs to get the hospital. Chouji blocks his way and the other rookies make their move. Shino uses his bugs and Ino uses her mind transfer jutsu (which fails and hits a frog instead lol). The girl turns out to be Naruto and Shikamaru catches Kakashi with his shadow and the plan seems to be working... then Team Gai shows up and causes chaos, which gives Kakashi a chance to escape.

The Team Gai part is a bit confusing as it seems to me that they were just transformed clones, but other viewers seem to think they're the real Lee, Tenten, and Neji. Either way, the rookies give up for now and say goodbye to Sukea as he leaves the village.

Then he runs into Gai. Sukea is nervous because Gai seems to recognize him but just can't seem to place where he's seen him before. After the close call, Sukea sneaks back into the village and goes home to remove the disguise. Then we finally see Kakashi's face :D

End Summary

My favorite part is easily the Gai part. Kakashi was really sweating there with Gai inches from his face, scrutinizing every detail. It figures that the character known for not remembering faces just happens to find a demasked Kakashi familiar lol. but then, it IS his Eternal Rival, he should know... wait, but if he finds Sukea's face familiar... wouldn't that mean he had to have seen Kakashi without his mask before?

what did everyone else think of the episode?
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