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Just curious, what kinds of things do you collect? plus Grail get

For me I collect (not in any order):

Images of some of my collections can be found here

Beanie Babies
- Just looking for Radar (the black bat), Trap (the mouse), and Magic (the white dragon).
Then my Beanie collecting days are over... unless they release another dragon/bat/fox/wolf that is XD).

These 3 have been my top wishlisters for Beanie Babies since I started collecting (originally Flip the white cat was #1, but I found her years ago). My list was actually much larger, but I've since found all the cats up to 5th editions, which were all wishlisters)

Lilo and Stitch
- any Stitch plushies (though I've fallen way behind)

The Lion King
- I will always be a fan of this movie, so I love the merch they have for it. I've got plushies, the collector coin, a pin, a statuette, and lots of toy figures

- This one isn't really big as there isn't much out there, basically all I have aside from the 1st movie is a pin.

101 Dalmatians
- I think this was the first thing I really ever collected, haven't really gotten anything new for this though in a while

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- Mainly the comics (any but archie version)

Usagi Yojimbo
- Comics

Flame of Recca
- #1 in anime/manga, sadly merch for this series is hard to find, not because it doesn't exist, just that it's all old and rare. Currently all I have are all the manga and dvds, trading cards, and an animation cel with matching sketch.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- Comics

- Wolves (and huskies)
- Foxes
- Dragons

Pokemon and Digimon stuff can be found on my profile.

and finally

The Fox and the Hound
- Tod from Fox and the Hound is my #1 fav Disney character, followed by Stitch, Simba and Nala from Lion King, Mushu from Mulan, Lucky and Patch from 101 Dalmatians, and Chip n Dale

- Fox and the Hound is my #1 collection... despite being the #1 thing I collect, my collection is very tiny. The main reason being that Fox and the Hound is sadly very neglected when it comes to the merchandise. Basically, all I have is the 1st and 2nd movies on DVD and both VHS releases of the 1st movie, collector coin, and 3 pins (this is the newest, currently on its way), hardcover and softcover story books (from when I was a kid), and the Copper plush that came bundled with the original VHS release.

The plush, this is the most annoying thing. All the Tod plush have always been out of reach for me. Back with the original VHS release you were supposed to send away for the Tod plush. I did (my mom did actually as I was little) but never got it, Toys R Us had a promotion for the first time release on DVD with a large Tod plush free when you preordered (missed that too as I didn't know about it until it was too late).

and the most annoying was when the 25th anniversary / Fox and the Hound 2 releases had new Tod and Copper plush at the Disney Store (in store only).

Whenever I go to the mall I ALWAYS check the Disney Store for Fox and the Hound stuff... that doesn't exist. This time however, I went and asked and they told me that just HALF AND HOUR AGO they sold the last Tod plush! just HALF AN HOUR AGO!!! They told me that the Fox and the Hound plush sold out extremely fast, and when I asked them if they'd ever get more in, they said most likely not and I'm not likely to see anything else for Fox and the Hound like that until the 30th or 40th anniversaries! That makes me so :angry:.

Bright side though, if they do get a 30th anniversary rerelease, that'll be next year! (Fox and the Hound was originally made in 1981). I plan to stalk the Disney Store when/if that happens.

All of this was originally posted on my DA yesterday, and today while browsing ebay one of the grails I had long since given up on has appeared there and I just could not pass it up.

The plush, this is the most annoying thing. All the Tod plush have always been out of reach for me. Back with the original VHS release you were supposed to send away for the Tod plush. I did (my mom did actually as I was little) but never got it

I actually found it, even though I'll be getting the classic VHS and another Copper plush doesn't really matter to me, it's all for that fox kit plush. I've been searching for that plush for 16 years and FINALLY I WILL OWN THAT TOD PLUSH!

here it is

I will be posting a full Fox and the Hound collection pic on my DA (Rika24) as soon as this and the pin arrive!
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