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I joined the Christmas Stocking stuffer community and my stocking is up now here: http://fandom-stocking.dreamwidth.org/283368.html

It looks to work kind of like a Secret Santa, only you choose who to give a fanfic, fanart, etc... to, and it covers multiple fandoms, and you can choose more than one person to gift something to. All gifts are screened until the deadline, then they show to everyone.
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Well my order of Flame of Recca volumes 31 and 32 just arrived today and I'm fighting with myself on if I should wait until volume 33 is released (as I already pre-ordered it) or just read them now. For those that don't know, Flame of Recca is my #1 favorite manga series and volume 33 is the final book in the entire series. I originally planned to do a FoR read marathon after volume 33 came out where I read from volume 1-33 without reading volume 33 right away, but now I'm thinking of holding off and saving the final three volumes for the marathon. What do you think?

I'm also currently waiting for volume 20 of Fullmetal Alchemist (volume 21 already pre-ordered too). I also go spoiled today for chapter 100 of FMA and I'm not sure if I'm upset or happy about that... (I don't take favorite character death well).

Well that's it, after I read these thinks I'll give an update on what I thought :D

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