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i saw the first season on DVD a while back and my favorite was Glenn. i got season 2 on DVD for Christmas and started to really like Daryl.

i just marathoned all of season 3 online up to the current episode and throughout the season i've fallen more and more in love with Daryl. So while watching the mid-season final i felt a lot of anxiety out of worry, i swear, my heart rate had actually increased during the rescue and when Daryl disappeared. but i outright gasped at that final scene and i actually started screaming at my computer at Andrea "DO SOMETHING!!"

never in my life have i felt this much freakin anxiety over a fictional world. the closest was involving Sirius and Lupin in the HP books, Xander and Spike in S7, or the Tobito reveal, but even those moments were nothing in comparison to how i felt watching that last episode... and now i'm too wired to sleep lol, why did i have to watch that final episode tonight?

i am so worried about Daryl right now, he's become my new top favorite male character, even surpassing KAKASHI! yeah, you heard right, there is now someone i officially love more than Kakashi now. i even replaced my Kakashi wallpaper with one of Daryl lol

um, so. this is how my favorites go according to season (bold means high favorite)

characters that stood out to me were:

Season 1:
Glenn, Rick, Andrea, and T-Dog

Season 2:
Glenn, Daryl, Dale, T-Dog, Andrea

Season 3:
Glenn, Daryl, T-Dog, Michonne, Maggie, Rick, Carl, Oscar, Tyreese

overall my favorites are:

1. Daryl
2. Glenn
3. Maggie
4. T-Dog
5. Carl
6. Rick
7. Andrea (low because of how she's acting this season)
8. Dale
9. Michonne
10. Oscar/Tyreese (this will most likely change later on after getting to know Tyreese's character more)

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