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Just finished watching it, it was awesome! it covers not only everything in Kishi's oneshot, it also adds more to it, even getting the rest of the rookie 9 involved. Quick summary is Kakashi disguises himself as an ex-ANBU named Sukea while using shadow clones of himself to throw everyone off.

Full Summary
After their first attempt is ruined by Akamaru, the other Rookies join in on the mission. Hinata tells Kakashi that a woman was drowning and needs help. Kakashi checks on the girl and says she needs to get the hospital. Chouji blocks his way and the other rookies make their move. Shino uses his bugs and Ino uses her mind transfer jutsu (which fails and hits a frog instead lol). The girl turns out to be Naruto and Shikamaru catches Kakashi with his shadow and the plan seems to be working... then Team Gai shows up and causes chaos, which gives Kakashi a chance to escape.

The Team Gai part is a bit confusing as it seems to me that they were just transformed clones, but other viewers seem to think they're the real Lee, Tenten, and Neji. Either way, the rookies give up for now and say goodbye to Sukea as he leaves the village.

Then he runs into Gai. Sukea is nervous because Gai seems to recognize him but just can't seem to place where he's seen him before. After the close call, Sukea sneaks back into the village and goes home to remove the disguise. Then we finally see Kakashi's face :D

End Summary

My favorite part is easily the Gai part. Kakashi was really sweating there with Gai inches from his face, scrutinizing every detail. It figures that the character known for not remembering faces just happens to find a demasked Kakashi familiar lol. but then, it IS his Eternal Rival, he should know... wait, but if he finds Sukea's face familiar... wouldn't that mean he had to have seen Kakashi without his mask before?

what did everyone else think of the episode?
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i saw the first season on DVD a while back and my favorite was Glenn. i got season 2 on DVD for Christmas and started to really like Daryl.

i just marathoned all of season 3 online up to the current episode and throughout the season i've fallen more and more in love with Daryl. So while watching the mid-season final i felt a lot of anxiety out of worry, i swear, my heart rate had actually increased during the rescue and when Daryl disappeared. but i outright gasped at that final scene and i actually started screaming at my computer at Andrea "DO SOMETHING!!"

never in my life have i felt this much freakin anxiety over a fictional world. the closest was involving Sirius and Lupin in the HP books, Xander and Spike in S7, or the Tobito reveal, but even those moments were nothing in comparison to how i felt watching that last episode... and now i'm too wired to sleep lol, why did i have to watch that final episode tonight?

i am so worried about Daryl right now, he's become my new top favorite male character, even surpassing KAKASHI! yeah, you heard right, there is now someone i officially love more than Kakashi now. i even replaced my Kakashi wallpaper with one of Daryl lol

um, so. this is how my favorites go according to season (bold means high favorite)

characters that stood out to me were:

Season 1:
Glenn, Rick, Andrea, and T-Dog

Season 2:
Glenn, Daryl, Dale, T-Dog, Andrea

Season 3:
Glenn, Daryl, T-Dog, Michonne, Maggie, Rick, Carl, Oscar, Tyreese

overall my favorites are:

1. Daryl
2. Glenn
3. Maggie
4. T-Dog
5. Carl
6. Rick
7. Andrea (low because of how she's acting this season)
8. Dale
9. Michonne
10. Oscar/Tyreese (this will most likely change later on after getting to know Tyreese's character more)
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Wow, just, wow. i knew Kishimoto said that some named characters would die, like Shikaku and Inoichi did, but i always thought that the Konoha 12 (12th being Sai, not Sasuke) were kill proof since they were the Konoha 12, but with this chapter Kishi has proved me wrong in one heck of a way. Naruto was about to get hit by one of the Juubi's attacks and Hinata jumps infront of him to shield him... and then Neji jumps infront of her... and gets stabbed in the back. Naruto calls for the medic team but Neji says it's too late and dies resting his head on Naruto's shoulder.

um, wow, Kishi, i wasn't expecting the deaths of Shikaku and Inoichi, but that was only because of their location. but to kill off a Konoha 12 member?! i guess Kishi wanted to prove to us all that no character is safe now, and boy did this drive it home...

Sooo, is anyone worried for their favorite characters now? i was worried about Kakashi and Gai before, now that fear has intensified.

R.I.P. Neji Hyuuga, i never liked you, even though you did become a nicer character after Naruto beat you. but now strangely enough, this chapter made me like you after all.

EDIT (copy/paste from forums post)

i'm sure a lot of us (myself included) thought that the Konoha 12 (with the exception of Naruto and Sasuke) were safe all the way to the end of the manga, until Neji died and that was thrown out the window.

this has brought me to question the fate of the rest of the K12. who do you think will die before the series ends? who will be safe?

i see the following dying at some point before the end:

Shino (he has to be the rookie with the least focus and the most "fodder" of the K12)
Chouji (see Shikamaru below)
Ino (see Shikamaru below)
Tenten (another case like Shino, though she has a little more focus than Shino)
Kiba/Akamaru (i dunno why, i just always felt that if a K12 member were to die, it'd be him, or at least Akamaru)

who i see as completely safe:
Shikamaru (it just seems Kishi's style to make Shika the sole survivor of his team)
Hinata (after what happened with Neji, i see her as plot protected)
Lee (too popular to die, plus what would happen with the Lee manga?)
Sakura (Sakura is the "Rin" of Naruto's generation, for that alone i don't see her dying as it's too obvious)

those whose deaths are 50/50
Sai (yes i count Sai as Sasuke's replacement in the K12)

i don't actually see Sasuke dying, for some reason i see Naruto sacrificing himself in some way to get Sasuke to return to Konoha as a good guy (as much as i'd rather see Sasuke die by Naruto's hand, i don't think Kishi would do that).

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