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Yup, you heard correctly, that big announcement we were waiting for was the brand new Generation 6! I first found out here

Fire = Fennekin
Grass = Chespin
Water = Froakie

OMG Fennekin! i've always had a soft spot for the tiny face and humongous ears of the Fennec Fox!

Charmander, Cyndaquil, i think you've finally found some competition for my top favorite fire starters! god, even Ninetales and Jolteon are at risk of getting bumped down in favor of this cutie depending on her evolutions! OMG OMG i've been squeeing since the moment i laid eyes on her!

and it's about freakin time the grass starters got a mammal since Chespin is throwing out some otter/beaver vibes to me. but personally, the only ones that jumped out at me were Fennekin and bird (that reminds my of the Thunderbird from Native American myth).

but to be serious now, maybe it's because i just saw them and all, but they don't scream Pokemon to me at the moment, they kinda feel more like Rookie level Digimon (i actually thought they were fanmade when i first saw them since they're so different... until i saw the video).

and the stance the deer makes, does anyone get a feeling of Deja vu? i swear i saw a scene like that with another deer in a movie somewhere

The game is for 3DS and the titles are going to be Version X and Version Y Not sure which i'll get yet, but the games come out in October worldwide and I'll be starting with Fennekin of course!

The titles for this generation's games make me think we might be seeing some merge evolutions like Digimon's DNA Digivolution. It also suggests that we might be seeing that more Eeveelutions. 1. the Eeveelution merch explosion in Japan known as the I <3 Eevee Promo and 2. Eevee is a genetics pokemon, which fits the theme of the titles

So what do you want to see in Generation 6? i'm hoping for:

- WOLVES! for crying out loud there are no wolf pokemon and tons of foxes
- Some type changes for older pokemon (Charizard = Fire/Dragon please!)
- more dragons
- more fire types
- at least 2 Eeveelutions one dragon type and one steel type

I drew some fanart for them:
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