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Just finished watching it, it was awesome! it covers not only everything in Kishi's oneshot, it also adds more to it, even getting the rest of the rookie 9 involved. Quick summary is Kakashi disguises himself as an ex-ANBU named Sukea while using shadow clones of himself to throw everyone off.

Full Summary
After their first attempt is ruined by Akamaru, the other Rookies join in on the mission. Hinata tells Kakashi that a woman was drowning and needs help. Kakashi checks on the girl and says she needs to get the hospital. Chouji blocks his way and the other rookies make their move. Shino uses his bugs and Ino uses her mind transfer jutsu (which fails and hits a frog instead lol). The girl turns out to be Naruto and Shikamaru catches Kakashi with his shadow and the plan seems to be working... then Team Gai shows up and causes chaos, which gives Kakashi a chance to escape.

The Team Gai part is a bit confusing as it seems to me that they were just transformed clones, but other viewers seem to think they're the real Lee, Tenten, and Neji. Either way, the rookies give up for now and say goodbye to Sukea as he leaves the village.

Then he runs into Gai. Sukea is nervous because Gai seems to recognize him but just can't seem to place where he's seen him before. After the close call, Sukea sneaks back into the village and goes home to remove the disguise. Then we finally see Kakashi's face :D

End Summary

My favorite part is easily the Gai part. Kakashi was really sweating there with Gai inches from his face, scrutinizing every detail. It figures that the character known for not remembering faces just happens to find a demasked Kakashi familiar lol. but then, it IS his Eternal Rival, he should know... wait, but if he finds Sukea's face familiar... wouldn't that mean he had to have seen Kakashi without his mask before?

what did everyone else think of the episode?
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Yeah, pokemon has officially turned itself into digimon. We had burst mode with the BW dragons, pokemon being called "partners" (no matter how laughable that term is applied to pokemon), more detailed pokes and more humanoid pokes.

And now we have warp digivolution into mega! I kid you not, CoroCoro has just released the new for of evolution... mega.

MegaBlaziken, MegaAbsol, etc... yes, these are the names people.

Now i know i sound like im not happy about this, and while i am a bit... confused you could say, i dont hate the idea, especially if it means i can finally have my fire/dragon Charizard. It better happen, Torchic cant be the only starter that gets a mega form (god does that sound strange :XD:

I also find it curious that they release this info a couple days after the anniversary of Digimon Adventure on August 1st)

But anyways, anyone with 3DS im still open to friendcodes, i do send out swapnote sketches from time to time and maybe take requests

And that also brings me to another issue, remember how i said my comp was working? Not anymore, it started blue screening again not long after i made that earlier post. So again i will be posting via nook now (this also means no group activity since i cant get to the admin page on my nook for some reason)
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Yup, you heard correctly, that big announcement we were waiting for was the brand new Generation 6! I first found out here

Fire = Fennekin
Grass = Chespin
Water = Froakie

OMG Fennekin! i've always had a soft spot for the tiny face and humongous ears of the Fennec Fox!

Charmander, Cyndaquil, i think you've finally found some competition for my top favorite fire starters! god, even Ninetales and Jolteon are at risk of getting bumped down in favor of this cutie depending on her evolutions! OMG OMG i've been squeeing since the moment i laid eyes on her!

and it's about freakin time the grass starters got a mammal since Chespin is throwing out some otter/beaver vibes to me. but personally, the only ones that jumped out at me were Fennekin and bird (that reminds my of the Thunderbird from Native American myth).

but to be serious now, maybe it's because i just saw them and all, but they don't scream Pokemon to me at the moment, they kinda feel more like Rookie level Digimon (i actually thought they were fanmade when i first saw them since they're so different... until i saw the video).

and the stance the deer makes, does anyone get a feeling of Deja vu? i swear i saw a scene like that with another deer in a movie somewhere

The game is for 3DS and the titles are going to be Version X and Version Y Not sure which i'll get yet, but the games come out in October worldwide and I'll be starting with Fennekin of course!

The titles for this generation's games make me think we might be seeing some merge evolutions like Digimon's DNA Digivolution. It also suggests that we might be seeing that more Eeveelutions. 1. the Eeveelution merch explosion in Japan known as the I <3 Eevee Promo and 2. Eevee is a genetics pokemon, which fits the theme of the titles

So what do you want to see in Generation 6? i'm hoping for:

- WOLVES! for crying out loud there are no wolf pokemon and tons of foxes
- Some type changes for older pokemon (Charizard = Fire/Dragon please!)
- more dragons
- more fire types
- at least 2 Eeveelutions one dragon type and one steel type

I drew some fanart for them:
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i saw the first season on DVD a while back and my favorite was Glenn. i got season 2 on DVD for Christmas and started to really like Daryl.

i just marathoned all of season 3 online up to the current episode and throughout the season i've fallen more and more in love with Daryl. So while watching the mid-season final i felt a lot of anxiety out of worry, i swear, my heart rate had actually increased during the rescue and when Daryl disappeared. but i outright gasped at that final scene and i actually started screaming at my computer at Andrea "DO SOMETHING!!"

never in my life have i felt this much freakin anxiety over a fictional world. the closest was involving Sirius and Lupin in the HP books, Xander and Spike in S7, or the Tobito reveal, but even those moments were nothing in comparison to how i felt watching that last episode... and now i'm too wired to sleep lol, why did i have to watch that final episode tonight?

i am so worried about Daryl right now, he's become my new top favorite male character, even surpassing KAKASHI! yeah, you heard right, there is now someone i officially love more than Kakashi now. i even replaced my Kakashi wallpaper with one of Daryl lol

um, so. this is how my favorites go according to season (bold means high favorite)

characters that stood out to me were:

Season 1:
Glenn, Rick, Andrea, and T-Dog

Season 2:
Glenn, Daryl, Dale, T-Dog, Andrea

Season 3:
Glenn, Daryl, T-Dog, Michonne, Maggie, Rick, Carl, Oscar, Tyreese

overall my favorites are:

1. Daryl
2. Glenn
3. Maggie
4. T-Dog
5. Carl
6. Rick
7. Andrea (low because of how she's acting this season)
8. Dale
9. Michonne
10. Oscar/Tyreese (this will most likely change later on after getting to know Tyreese's character more)
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Wow, just, wow. i knew Kishimoto said that some named characters would die, like Shikaku and Inoichi did, but i always thought that the Konoha 12 (12th being Sai, not Sasuke) were kill proof since they were the Konoha 12, but with this chapter Kishi has proved me wrong in one heck of a way. Naruto was about to get hit by one of the Juubi's attacks and Hinata jumps infront of him to shield him... and then Neji jumps infront of her... and gets stabbed in the back. Naruto calls for the medic team but Neji says it's too late and dies resting his head on Naruto's shoulder.

um, wow, Kishi, i wasn't expecting the deaths of Shikaku and Inoichi, but that was only because of their location. but to kill off a Konoha 12 member?! i guess Kishi wanted to prove to us all that no character is safe now, and boy did this drive it home...

Sooo, is anyone worried for their favorite characters now? i was worried about Kakashi and Gai before, now that fear has intensified.

R.I.P. Neji Hyuuga, i never liked you, even though you did become a nicer character after Naruto beat you. but now strangely enough, this chapter made me like you after all.

EDIT (copy/paste from forums post)

i'm sure a lot of us (myself included) thought that the Konoha 12 (with the exception of Naruto and Sasuke) were safe all the way to the end of the manga, until Neji died and that was thrown out the window.

this has brought me to question the fate of the rest of the K12. who do you think will die before the series ends? who will be safe?

i see the following dying at some point before the end:

Shino (he has to be the rookie with the least focus and the most "fodder" of the K12)
Chouji (see Shikamaru below)
Ino (see Shikamaru below)
Tenten (another case like Shino, though she has a little more focus than Shino)
Kiba/Akamaru (i dunno why, i just always felt that if a K12 member were to die, it'd be him, or at least Akamaru)

who i see as completely safe:
Shikamaru (it just seems Kishi's style to make Shika the sole survivor of his team)
Hinata (after what happened with Neji, i see her as plot protected)
Lee (too popular to die, plus what would happen with the Lee manga?)
Sakura (Sakura is the "Rin" of Naruto's generation, for that alone i don't see her dying as it's too obvious)

those whose deaths are 50/50
Sai (yes i count Sai as Sasuke's replacement in the K12)

i don't actually see Sasuke dying, for some reason i see Naruto sacrificing himself in some way to get Sasuke to return to Konoha as a good guy (as much as i'd rather see Sasuke die by Naruto's hand, i don't think Kishi would do that).
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I've switched to friends only, and anyway...
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I joined the Christmas Stocking stuffer community and my stocking is up now here: http://fandom-stocking.dreamwidth.org/283368.html

It looks to work kind of like a Secret Santa, only you choose who to give a fanfic, fanart, etc... to, and it covers multiple fandoms, and you can choose more than one person to gift something to. All gifts are screened until the deadline, then they show to everyone.
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just got five Team Minato related doujinshi in the mail today and i was hoping to find a translator. I can handle everything else for the scanlation, just need someone to tell me what they're saying lol

the main one right now is the first one since it's a Halloween and Christmas twoshot

1st: 16 pages
2nd: 16 pages
3rd: 32 pages
4th: 30 pages
5th: 28 pages
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I'm making this post for feedback on my purchases, trades, and future sales, so if I bought/traded/sold something from/with/to you please leave a comment on how I did. This is for both positive and negative feedback by the way, so as long as you don't go flaming me, you can leave negative if necessary.

EDIT: From now on, anything involving PkmnCollectors (trades, stuff i bought and so on) please post feedback here from now on. Everything else though, like Digimon, still goes here. Thanks ^_^

Please use this form when posting:

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Follow the cut for Foxy cuteness )
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Just curious, what kinds of things do you collect? plus Grail get

follow the cut )
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Guess what I just found out? Fullmetal Alchemist ends in TWO MONTHS! that's just two more chapters! :cries: I just, I can't believe it. It feels like only yesterday that I first picked up volume 1 and already it's time to say goodbye to one of only a couple of manga series that have held my interest chapter after chapter and kept me in suspense for the next each and every time (not to mention killed me with each increasingly shocking cliffhanger).

You can bet I'll be a little teary-eyed after I read the final page of what'll be volume 25. I've known the end was near, I even want the ending to come just to see how it ends... but at the same time I DON'T want it to end.

As for the ending itself, honestly, I want a bittersweet ending because an overly happy or heartbreakingly tragic ending *coughWolf's Raincough* just wouldn't feel right... but just a little bit of both together would make for a very satisfying ending. So bring it on Arakawa, you haven't let me down yet, so I have faith in you to give FMA a proper send off that will stay in our minds for years to come.

What will I do after FMA? Aside from watching Fullmetal Brotherhood, I'll continue to *force* myself to read Naruto just to see it through to the end (it is ending this year I believe). I cannot believe when I first checked out Naruto I was obsessed with it... and now i just can't wait for it to end. *sigh*

My main manga to follow after FMA ends will be InuBaka: Crazy for Dogs. It's a great series, especially for dog lovers.

This is where I first found this out by the way.
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Here is my mostly complete collection and my wishlist

My Stuff and wishlist )


Nov. 21st, 2009 07:43 pm
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See the rest here )
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Well my order of Flame of Recca volumes 31 and 32 just arrived today and I'm fighting with myself on if I should wait until volume 33 is released (as I already pre-ordered it) or just read them now. For those that don't know, Flame of Recca is my #1 favorite manga series and volume 33 is the final book in the entire series. I originally planned to do a FoR read marathon after volume 33 came out where I read from volume 1-33 without reading volume 33 right away, but now I'm thinking of holding off and saving the final three volumes for the marathon. What do you think?

I'm also currently waiting for volume 20 of Fullmetal Alchemist (volume 21 already pre-ordered too). I also go spoiled today for chapter 100 of FMA and I'm not sure if I'm upset or happy about that... (I don't take favorite character death well).

Well that's it, after I read these thinks I'll give an update on what I thought :D
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I just changed my calendar to October (the Naruto one, cool Gaara pic :)) So anyways, I glanced at when Halloween was and almost screamed in happiness... why? Because Halloween is my #1 favorite holiday and it falls on a FRIDAY this year!!!!!

You know what that means right? ALL NIGHT HORROR MOVIE MARATHON!!! Usually I celebrate by going to a haunted house or go to see a horror movie with my sister and her friends. Since Halloween most of the time falls on a weekday means I have to go to bed early so it kills my Halloween fun. But not this year, oh no, this is the best year in a long time... Now if only I can get my old friends together to share in the marathon...

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i'm scanning my shitajiki collection for my collectica account so i figured i'd share my digimon ones with you guys. please do not use these without giving credit.

all of these(except the tamers movie one) are 2 sided but i only scanned both sides of the ones with very good images. if you want i can scan the backs of one of these.

Our War Game (Movie 02)

The Adventurer's Battle (Movie 05)


Savers (this ones holographic)

Savers 02 Front and Back

Doujin Front and Back

V-Tamer Jump Festa 2002 Front and Back
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Well my site went down again and has been down, so I decided to move my most important fanlisting, Masaru, to another host. I remade the layout and added the shrine.

here is the new url:

Some of my other fanlistings along with my collective will be moved there whenever the old ones are back (didn't make a backup) Hopefully it wasn't hacked, please come back up.
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Well I just finished the newest flame of recca manga, volume 19, and I soooo can't wait to see what happens when Kurei shows up. Next volume due out in Oct. Why do they have to keep fans waiting so long?!

Anyone else read it yet?

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