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Guess what I just found out? Fullmetal Alchemist ends in TWO MONTHS! that's just two more chapters! :cries: I just, I can't believe it. It feels like only yesterday that I first picked up volume 1 and already it's time to say goodbye to one of only a couple of manga series that have held my interest chapter after chapter and kept me in suspense for the next each and every time (not to mention killed me with each increasingly shocking cliffhanger).

You can bet I'll be a little teary-eyed after I read the final page of what'll be volume 25. I've known the end was near, I even want the ending to come just to see how it ends... but at the same time I DON'T want it to end.

As for the ending itself, honestly, I want a bittersweet ending because an overly happy or heartbreakingly tragic ending *coughWolf's Raincough* just wouldn't feel right... but just a little bit of both together would make for a very satisfying ending. So bring it on Arakawa, you haven't let me down yet, so I have faith in you to give FMA a proper send off that will stay in our minds for years to come.

What will I do after FMA? Aside from watching Fullmetal Brotherhood, I'll continue to *force* myself to read Naruto just to see it through to the end (it is ending this year I believe). I cannot believe when I first checked out Naruto I was obsessed with it... and now i just can't wait for it to end. *sigh*

My main manga to follow after FMA ends will be InuBaka: Crazy for Dogs. It's a great series, especially for dog lovers.

This is where I first found this out by the way.
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Here is my mostly complete collection and my wishlist

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Well my order of Flame of Recca volumes 31 and 32 just arrived today and I'm fighting with myself on if I should wait until volume 33 is released (as I already pre-ordered it) or just read them now. For those that don't know, Flame of Recca is my #1 favorite manga series and volume 33 is the final book in the entire series. I originally planned to do a FoR read marathon after volume 33 came out where I read from volume 1-33 without reading volume 33 right away, but now I'm thinking of holding off and saving the final three volumes for the marathon. What do you think?

I'm also currently waiting for volume 20 of Fullmetal Alchemist (volume 21 already pre-ordered too). I also go spoiled today for chapter 100 of FMA and I'm not sure if I'm upset or happy about that... (I don't take favorite character death well).

Well that's it, after I read these thinks I'll give an update on what I thought :D

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